Advertising/Public Relations

Technology in AD/PR… What’s next?

Technology is an ever-evolving entity. As is the world of advertising and public relations. Because of this, there’s always going to be “something new” and a “next big thing” within both of these fields. At one point in time, social media was the hottest thing, now, its almost becoming a thing of the past. So, on the topic of social media, what even is the “next big thing” with that, anyway?

According to Ash Read, a big trend in the world of social media (Read, 2016) is standardization. almost all social media sites are blending together, I mean, what’s next? Microsoft Word stories? Almost every social media site has stories, and they’re all trying to have some sort of news. Each social media platform wants to be the go-to for easy to share, in-the-moment, hot content.

Here’s some new things that happened in the world of social media, broken down by platform:


  • Facebook Live
  • Reactions
  • Marketplace
  • Instant Articles
  • Masquerade


  • Stories
  • Business Tools


  • Memories
  • Spectacles
  • Bitstrips/Bitmojis


  • Moments
  • Customer Support Feature
  • Magic Pony Technology

Aside from all of these, Pinterest also released “Promoted Pins”, Youtube now has branded content and LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft. So, in 2017, some things that may be coming to social media are…

Facebook video is becoming the number one trend that marketers and advertisers would like to jump on, with the only issue facing smaller companies is that of limited time and resources to create quality video advertisements for Facebook. Facebook is also slowly catching up to Google in terms of searches, with advertisers switching from putting certain ads on Google, to instead putting them on Facebook. Companies may also have to start doing some sort of “Search Engine Optimization” on Facebook now as well, so that they become the number one hit when people search for things on Facebook.

With Instagram’s release of “Business Tools” companies will start to be able to optimize their businesses directly within the Instagram app by having business profiles, analytics and ad creating abilities right at their fingertips.

Geofilters have been a Snapchat staple for a while but in 2017, they’re getting even better. New and improved geofilters will allow advertisers to pinpoint specific locations to send ads to, rather than larger areas.


Because almost everyone uses social media apps on their phones, or tablets, rather than visiting the actual websites, it’s important to note that desktop-based ads are becoming a thing of the past.(Johnson, 2016) Facebook and Google run the advertising scene, controlling 76% of internet advertising. As it turns out, bigger isn’t always better, with Snapchat advertising actually becoming more popular due to the short nature of the videos posted there.

A trend that seems to be everywhere nowadays from theme parks to video games to movies is Virtual Reality.(Slefo, 2017) However, just because something is trendy in general, doesn’t necessarily mean its trendy in the world of advertising. Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm right now but the majority of advertisers actually say they have no use for virtual reality or that their brand just doesn’t fit well with the technology. Also, even though there were about 22.5 million mobile VR users worldwide in 2016, still only 8% of brands actually intend on using VR advertising. This is due to the fact that mobile VR is, well, crappy compared to higher end VR such as Occulus Rift. Mobile VR is very pixelated and has a lot of lag. However, with the improvements of VR technology, some brands may want to branch out and try it simply because “everyone is doing it”.



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