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Collaboration Nation: Tech in the Workplace

Group projects. Those two words are either the most exciting thing you'll hear throughout the semester or the thing you're most dreading. If you're like the majority of college students, group projects aren't exactly your favorite thing in the world. But guess what? Real life is full of collaborating and working together. You can't get… Continue reading Collaboration Nation: Tech in the Workplace

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Tech savvy=More Job Opportunities

As a GVSU Laker, I am blessed with a wonderful job searching site, LakerJobs. I make use of this site VERY frequently to search for jobs, internships and possible career choices. I am a senior at Grand Valley, therefore, I need to start paying attention to possible career choices and decide what I actually would like… Continue reading Tech savvy=More Job Opportunities

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Technology in AD/PR… What’s next?

Technology is an ever-evolving entity. As is the world of advertising and public relations. Because of this, there's always going to be "something new" and a "next big thing" within both of these fields. At one point in time, social media was the hottest thing, now, its almost becoming a thing of the past. So,… Continue reading Technology in AD/PR… What’s next?