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Social Media. A blessing or a curse?

Adding someone you don't even know as a friend on Facebook. Asking someone for their Snapchat username the second you meet them. Stalking someone on Instagram. These are all things that have become the societal norm in 2017. Social Media is everywhere and anywhere. Everyone from your 10 year old sister to your 75 year… Continue reading Social Media. A blessing or a curse?

Advertising/Public Relations

Technology in AD/PR… What’s next?

Technology is an ever-evolving entity. As is the world of advertising and public relations. Because of this, there's always going to be "something new" and a "next big thing" within both of these fields. At one point in time, social media was the hottest thing, now, its almost becoming a thing of the past. So,… Continue reading Technology in AD/PR… What’s next?